Thin layer chromatography

The thin layer chromatography is an physical-chemical separation process. It can be use to analyse the composition of an assay.

It offers the following special advantages:

  • Low equipment effort
  • Very fast
  • High separation efficiency
  • Low demand of substance

This method is used, for example,

  • for the timely detection of the purity of the substance and
  • for a check of the identity in comparison to an reference substance

In addition, with thin layer chromatography (TLC) you can follow with minimal effort the chemical reactions in the laboratory.

Upasil® 60 TLC – silica gel

Upasil® 60 TLC is a finely grounded silica for use in thin layer chromatography.

Besides the pure silica, there are also grades available containing binder (gypsum) and/or fluorescence indicator (254nm).